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AI trains computer systems and applications to function intelligently and independently. Through AI machines learn and understand the intended environment. Machine learning enables systems to analyze images, understand data, comprehend speech, and make predictions through image processing and pattern recognition in multiple dimensions.

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AI Product Development

Our competencies in commercial and open-source AI allow you to use tools and frameworks of your choice to rapidly develop AI products. AI framework designs facilitate efficient collection of product development data by applying machine learning models to predict data to be acquired with optimum accuracy.

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AI Driven ChatBots

ChatBot is an intelligent entity which converses using information fed to it by natural language processing. Enable and integrate your mobile app(s) to interact with services you are already using and extend their use cases for your employees and users for easy flow of service.

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Machine Learning & Data Science

Build, implement, and deploy Machine Learning models and algorithms that process high volumes of data to make applications smarter.Our services includes deep-diving into unstructured datasets, data processing, building predictive models, and turning these into actionable information.


Image & Face Recognition

Perform image processing using neural networks, machine learning, template matching, motion extraction and color analysis. Captures directional features of face images through multidimensional structure recognition to ensure secure access to applications and grants rendered services access only to a legitimate user.

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Data Collection

Explore and identify system data points to leverage metadata in data dictionaries, process work flows and data standards for data sourcing. Results in reduced data collection time and improved data quality. Building intelligent tools and mobile apps to capture structured data to be used for building predictive models and advanced analytics.

Data Reconciliation

In business transactions data is continuously reconciled for aggregation, analysis and reporting with traditional ETL tools by data operations teams. This involves less transparent manual processes and introduces inefficiencies in terms of time and cost. Using machine learning probability based algorithms can be programmed to report data mismatches and exceptions. Through this data teams create reusable data mapping rules, controls and approvals. After setting these rules, the system checks data quality without manual intervention and generates data exception reports

Data Transformation

Predominantly business data is stored and processed in disparate data sources. For data analytics readiness, transformation of this diverse data is essential to join data together and for dimensional modelling. With machine learning models data is transformed cost effectively in less time. Using automation in this transformation process data cleaning, data domain changes and handling missing data is quickly achieved.

Data Analytics

AI powered analytics identifies patterns based on large data sets to make predictions and extract insights. Automation and progressive improvement of data exploration, what if scenarios and forecasting is possible. Analytics scale and speed of AI unifies data across platforms to deep dive enterprise data and predicts customer preferences, product development and marketing channels opportunities.

Data Science

Application of machine learning algorithms to understand trends and patterns in structured and unstructured data using statistics, mathematics and programming techniques to make data driven decisions. Derive business forecasts using predictive analytics and measure outcomes by applying business intelligence reporting.

Data Visualization

Perform data analytics on business and technical aspects to convey the right message by highlighting trends and outliers. Connect to industry or enterprise purposes through visualization techniques and graphical representation of these data analytic insights and predictions using charts, graphs and tables across time and other dimensions using Tableau, HighCharts and other BI tools.

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AI & ML For Your Business


Leverage machine learning to detect weak links and delays in your supply chain for cheaper and efficient logistics. ML Forecasting features enable thorough analysis of factors influence demand and help improve warehouse and demand management and results in knowledge driven decision making.


AI is transforming the healthcare sector by providing solutions in Diagnosis, Decision Making, Research, Administration and Patient Life Cycle. Outliers takes real-time data from multiple data sources and provides actionable insights to doctors and the administration. By building apps for data collection at various levels,and using the data from connected IoT devices, Outliers helps in providing personalized care to the patients and helps the administration in reducing expenses, scheduling and optimizing the workforce as well as provide better feedback for all the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem


With ever diversifying mobile security threats AI helps discovery, remediation and prevention of security breaches. Through predictive recognition AI improves device or application responsiveness to security incidents or attacks. AI monitors users and devices actions and protects mobile workers, over time AI also learns what actions are safe and which are not. Security assisted with AI monitors user behaviors instead of code signatures and implements smart security using machine learning models that execute face & pose detection, recognition and tracking.


Indian Gaming industry is undergoing unparalleled growth due to availability of affordable smartphones with cheap processing power, falling data prices, advent of digital payment platforms, and seamless internet availability. Earlier the gaming was limited to playing between friends and family, now became a social activity in itself, and real-money based gaming has taken it to the next league. Real-money based fantasy gaming and card games opened up multitude of opportunities for AI to attract and identify profitable gamers from the ever-growing youthbase.


The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) Industry had been the early adopter of technological innovations, be it mainframe computers for parallel transactions, databases, security features and internet banking for enabling personalized service. FIn-Tech refers to digital innovation in the BFSI sector. Big Data Analytics and AI has transformed the way business is done using Machine Learning, Neural Networks, and other complex algorithms. The first wave of Fin-Tech enabled a swarm of mobile wallets to help consumers to do daily transactions over the internet comfortably.


AI can be a game changer in many areas of Governance. Vast amount of data is available in silos, when harnessed will act as a treasure trove for better governance. The first step is to digitize the data in various formats which will provide descriptive analytics to understand the issues. Outliers will help in the digitization with superior OCR techniques and by building simple apps to provide data collection solutions. This data will be leveraged by Outliers to provide predictive solutions in various areas such as Agriculture, Smart Cities, Election Processes, Traffic Control, Policy Making, and Accountability of Governance